This month's events and activities

The Healthy Gut Seminar, given by Holistic Health Coach Stephanie Lanham, is a 1 hour comprehensive
look into the digestive system and its vital role in optimal wellness. This seminar will begin with a look
into the components of the digestive track, including the essential yet forgotten aspects like enzymes
and probiotics and their role in digestion.

The direction of the seminar will then transition to some reasons why digestion is so vital to overall
health. Common effects of consuming a Standard American Diet on the digestive system will be
explained, including the most prevalent—Leaky Gut Syndrome. To sum up the seminar, Stephanie will
briefly discuss the 4 “R” approach to begin healing the gut, from food to supplements!

Health Education Classes - St. Albans & Charleston

The Beat Session: 1st Annual HHC Health Fair

Are you at risk for diabetes? A heart attack? COPD? In our first ever health fair, we'll be performing screenings, offering classes on chronic diseases, and more absolutely FREE! Be sure to bring a friend to this exciting day in the life of our pharmacy! We meet the third Tuesday of every month at Loop Pharmacy & Home Medical’s conference room, 87 Olde Main Ave, St. Albans.

Health Screening Programs - St. Albans & Charleston

Sweet Spot Session: Overview of Diabetes

New to diabetes? You may have heard a lot of different diabetes lingo that you may not be completely familiar with. What is an A1c? What are ketones? Both you and your family should know what diabetes is, how it affects you, and how you can control it. Bring your entire family to this first-of-its-kind FREE class! We meet every second Tuesday of the month at Loop Pharmacy & Home Medical’s conference room, 87 Olde Main Ave, St. Albans.

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Prescription Refill - St. Albans & Charleston

Prescription Refill

As your trusted healthcare partner we will call your doctor when refills are due and we will keep track of all your prescriptions so you never run out. And the best part - delivery is always FREE!

Compounding - St. Albans & Charleston


Are you frustrated by certain medicines not being available? Do you need customized medications to meet your specific needs? Compounding medication allows us to offer you an alternative to medicine that is either no longer in production, unavailable, or hard to find.

Home Medical Equipment - St. Albans & Charleston

Home Medical Equipment

Coping with illness, injury, or simply getting older can be a real challenge. When you need a helping hand to simplify your daily tasks, you can rely on Loop for quality medical equipment.

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